“Verhundst” – A book for dogs and humans

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It could all be so simple: Sit! Place! Here! Foot! Run! That’s all it takes, if your dog can do that, everything is fine.

Unfortunately, nothing is good. Instead, the relationship between humans and dogs is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more disturbed. More and more unnatural.

Why are people today so afraid of making mistakes when training dogs? Why do they approach the dog and its training in an over-concentrated, almost tense, often only intellectual way? What’s wrong with it?

Florian Günther is the Hundeflo, he has set up Austria’s largest dog school, trained dozens of trainers and worked with thousands of dogs himself. And found out: We don’t need any more guides. What you need is the right understanding of your dog. For how he thinks or doesn’t think, how he works. And how you should work best if you want to make your dog a reliable partner.

The dog flea asks you: Understand the nature of your dog. In its simple structure as well as in its mega-loving nature. And be what every dog deserves: simply fair!