Dog training

Hundeflo dog training throughout Austria, Germany, South Tyrol and Luxembourg with certified dog trainers. Our goal: to improve your quality of life with your dog.

“Consistency does not mean being strict, but always reacting to an action in the same way.”


Based on my many years of experience in various types of dog training for family dogs (including sports, service and hunting training) at home and abroad, I have combined the most effective methods and developed a successful system for training dogs – Hundeflo!

We are not a traditional dog school, because we do not train on a dog training ground. We train your dog in everyday life – where the problems arise, through customized dog training throughout Austria, Germany and South Tyrol.

This is based on a clear division of authority between humans and animals, a strong bond with only a conditional feeding method and commands that accommodate the dog’s black and white pattern.


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    The Hundeflo Academy

    What began as a one-man show in Salzburg has developed into an Austria-wide network of professional, mobile dog trainers in recent years.
    At the Hundeflo Academy, I have been passing on my knowledge and experience in dealing with dogs since 2019 and training dog trainers who work on my behalf in Austria and in neighboring Bavaria and South Tyrol after a three-month theoretical and practical course. From Upper Austria to Carinthia, Tyrol to Styria – you will find certified Hundeflo dog trainers in all federal states who will support you in dealing with your four-legged friend and ensure harmonious coexistence between humans and animals. Are you looking for a dog coach near you? Then click here.

    In the Hundeflo Shop you will find the right products for your four-legged friend.

    The Hundeflo concept

    Das Ziel von Hundeflo-Hundetraining in Österreich ist es, Ihre Lebensqualität mit Ihrem Vierbeiner zu steigern. Jeder wünscht sich, mit seinem Hund stressfrei und in jeder Situation souverän unterwegs zu sein.

    Egal, ob das

    • beim Spazierengehen mit dem Hund
    • beim Bergwandern mit dem Hund
    • beim Shopping mit dem Hund
    • beim Baden mit dem Hund
    • oder beim Autofahren mit dem Hund

    der Fall ist.

    Genau hier setzt auch individuelles Hundetraining von Hundeflo an. Wir lieben, kennen und verstehen Hunde und gerade deshalb wissen wir auch, wie wichtig es ist, ihnen mit Maß, Ziel und Hausverstand eine gewisse Disziplin beizubringen. Das passiert zumeist durch eine Belohnungsstrategie mit „Streicheleinheiten“ oder Leckerlis, wichtig jedoch ist in jedem Fall Konsequenz.

    Das Konzept von Hundeflo basiert darauf, Ihnen zu zeigen, wie einfach Sie Ihren Hund trainieren können, um in kürzester Zeit optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Genau diese schnellen Erfolgserlebnisse zeichnen uns als mobile Hundeschule aus. Hundetraining ist nicht so schwierig, wie es immer kommuniziert wird. Das Problem liegt darin, dass der „Hausverstand“ immer mehr Menschen regelrecht abtrainiert wird. Hundeflo zeigt Ihnen, wie es funktioniert!

    Our approach

    A dog thinks in simple black and white grids. The clearer the owner’s instructions, the better behaved the dog will be. If the owner is insecure, the four-legged friend notices this and sometimes becomes so too. “Problem dogs” that seem to bite for no reason are therefore the result of misunderstandings.

    Dog floo training will help dog owners and dogs get through life in a relaxed manner in the future. Mobile dog trainers visit you on site and provide you with targeted support in problem situations. These can be encounters with dogs and other animals, the sighting of wild animals in meadows and fields, the correct behavior near cars and on footpaths, but also everyday life in the house and apartment. The trainers come to you and provide targeted help.

    Hundeflo team

    All Hundeflo employees are certified Hundeflo trainers who have successfully completed their training as mobile dog trainers at the Hundeflo Academy.
    The dog analysis and the acceptance of the tests are carried out by a certified dog trainer from Austria. This guarantees the uniformly high standard of our training and the careful selection of the right specialist for your dog.

    How to learn

    Dogs always take the path of least resistance and greatest advantage. We can take advantage of this behavior and manipulate the dog accordingly so that it learns.

    The more efficiently and consistently you practice this behavior, the faster the dog will learn. The perfect combination is motivation and compulsion. Anything that is not voluntary is practically coercion. This word has a very negative connotation, but on closer inspection it means absolutely nothing negative for the dog. What exactly does coercion mean: If I put the dog on a lead or try to persuade it to cuddle, I am already exerting coercion on my dog. Not all coercion is the same. This means that it is not possible to carry out informal training successfully, as neither leads nor collars should be used. What is meant, however, is the “mindless dog-pushing”, because that does nothing positive for the dog. But if you use an activating compulsion – for example sit or here if the dog doesn’t want to – then it makes sense. Solid dog training requires a certain amount of coercion, otherwise the dog will only do what it wants to do, which is usually not what the owner wants. We ourselves are exposed to constraints every day. A red light or speed limit are also constraints. So: it doesn’t work without coercion, but mindless coercion does nothing for a dog. It is important to use common sense here.


    Customers often come to us and emphasize that they “don’t want to work with food”. In part, this statement is understandable, as dogs are often praised for blinking on their own. At Hundeflo, however, your four-legged friends are trained individually, with and/or without food. Treats must not and can never be a trigger for the dog’s obedience. A dog that chases or barks at other dogs will be difficult to train with food. A combination of different motivational measures often leads to the goal, but never one based solely on dog food or treats. At Hundeflo, our dog training in Austria and Germany focuses very skillfully and consciously on exactly what your dog needs to enable you and your dog to live together in harmony and without stress. “If you only train using motivation, then you can’t complain if the dog is more motivated by something else.”