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Do something
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Have you always wanted to see new places and strengthen your bond with your dog?
What sounds like a pipe dream becomes reality thanks to Hundeflo. Our dog trips are dedicated to various forms of training and joint activities. This is where a successful change of scenery meets training and further education. Hundeflo offers a variety of dog trips ranging from leisurely vacations with training and a leisure program to intensive training in seclusion.


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    Train & Fun

    Combine dog travel with targeted training sessions at particularly beautiful holiday destinations in Austria and Italy. Train & Fun brings like-minded people and their four-legged friends together. Groups of around ten people ensure optimum supervision and support from the trainers. Joint leisure activities and full comfort in the hotel skilfully round off the exciting, educational trips.

    “Rules bring people and dogs a better quality of life.”


    Spend four days in the Austrian Alps in a rustic hut!
    Groups of a maximum of seven participants benefit from intensive supervision, the entire focus is on the dog. Hundeflo trainer Florian Günther is available 24 hours a day. During these dog travel programmes, the bond between humans and animals is significantly improved, accompanied by targeted attention to any problems.


    How can I book the trip?

    Online, e-mail, telephone

    How long before the trip can I cancel?

    Depending on the journey.

    What does my dog have to be able to do so that I can travel with him?

    Socially compatible, everything else will be trained during the journey.

    How does a Hundeflo trip work?

    Dog training takes place in the mornings and various activities with the dog are on the programme in the afternoons. The exact schedule is described in the programme depending on the trip.

    What is the minimum/maximum size of the tour group?

    Customised from 2 to 40 people.

    Do I need to have certain vaccinations or similar before travelling?

    Depending on the country you are travelling to.

    Are all journeys possible for all dog breeds and ages?

    Depending on the country you are travelling to.

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    have any questions?