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in Austria and Bavaria

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Do you like dogs and want to turn your passion into a profession?
Are you interested in comprehensive knowledge to improve the bond between humans and animals, to get to the root of problems and provide rapid assistance?


Salzburg / Österreich


6 bis 7 Wochenenden Theorie und Praxis
14 Wochen Praxiszeit

Fr 14:00 – 18:00
Sa 9:00 – 17:00
So 9:30 – 17:00

EUR 7.000,- zzgl. 20 % USt.


Ansbach / Deutschland


6 bis 7 Wochenenden Theorie und Praxis
14 Wochen Praxiszeit

Fr 14:00 – 18:00
Sa und So 9:00 – 17:00

EUR 7.000,- zzgl. 20 % USt.

You would like to complete your dog trainer training
in Austria or Bavaria?

Then the Hundeflo Academy is just right for you if:

  • you enjoy working in nature.
  • you are interested in the connection between people and dogs.
  • you want to show other dog owners how to improve their quality of life.
  • you want to turn your passion into your profession
  • you want to organise your own time.

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and take the first step towards becoming a dog trainer
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The path to becoming a
dog trainer

You would like to complete the Hundeflo dog trainer training
in Austria or Bavaria?

You must have the following qualities:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Own dog
  • B driving licence
  • Entrepreneurial thinking

You bring all qualities with you? Perfect! After your application by e-mail
you will be invited to an interview.

The training programme is completely part-time. Theory and practice are offered at the academy in
Salzburg and also in Germany.

How it works!

to become
a dog trainer


Start of the training
(theory & practice)

Theory &
Practice Examination

Registration of your
own business

Congratulations, You are
an independent Hundeflo dog trainer
in your own area!

Your classroom teaching looks
as follows:

The theoretical training lasts a total of six weeks.

The first two weekends, theory-only sessions are held to lay the foundations for the theory lessons.

Weekend 1: Theory

  • History of the domestic dog
  • Anatomy of the dog
  • Reproduction, genetics and body language of the dog

Weekend 2: Theory

  • Medical issues and diseases
  • Dog nutrition
  • General tips & tricks for keeping dogs
  • FCI dog breeds

Weekend 3: Theory and practice

  • Breeder, the puppy
  • Imprinting theory, animal protection laws in Austria and Germany
  • Learning theories, conditioning
  • Practice-orientated training

Weekend 4: Theory and practice

  • Confirmation and constraints
  • Structure of the commands, correct explanation
  • Food bag, correct clicking, client sheet, analysis
  • Practice-orientated training

Weekend 5: Marketing & Online Marketing & Tax Consultancy & Practice

  • Peter Scharler, Susanne Makosch and Alexander Unterberger provide detailed insights into the areas of marketing, business and company management.
  • The afternoons will again be spent training outdoors with the dogs.

Weekend 6: Theory and practice

  • Learning fixation through conflicts, structure module 1
  • Correct filming and taking photos, general terms and conditions and online shop
  • Practice-orientated training

Further important information:

On at least one day/week, the trainee accompanies the respective trainer and the Hundeflo during the training sessions.

Further important information:

Every three weeks, the seminars or practical days are discussed with the trainers and trained with your own dog on a weekend day at the academy.

Further guest lecturers:
Veterinary surgeon / tax consultant / online marketing expert

Hundeflo founder Florian Günther provides general and Hundeflo-specific, self-prepared material.

You will learn important details about the history, anatomy, reproduction, genetics, body language and nutrition of the domestic dog. You will also gain insights into the Hundeflo concept as well as helpful tips and tricks from everyday life. Your trainers and instructors will impart this knowledge:

Mirjana Keser


Claudia Hartl

Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung

Susanne Makosch

Steuerfachwirtin Kanzlei Reimann-München

Barbara Strasser-Gfrerer

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

Mag. Peter Scharler

Geschäftsführer Der Hundeflo

Theresa Scharler


Mag. Alexander Unterberger

bcs Wirtschafts- und Steuerberatung

Florian Günther

Der Hundeflo

Kerstin Nussbaumer


Julian Winkler

Hundeflo trainer

Eike Berger

Hundeflo trainer


At the end of a Hundeflo training programme in Austria and Bavaria, you will take a theoretical and a practical exam.

After successfully completing the course and receiving a certificate, you will be a certified Hundeflo trainer and self-employed as a franchisee.
Please note that dog training is a freelance business that you must register either during or after your training.

You enjoy the following benefits
as a franchisee



Further education

No franchise
entry fee






We look forward to receiving your detailed application and hope to welcome you soon
welcome you as part of the big Hundeflo family!


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