Eike Berger

Site management Hundeflo-dog trainer Franken and Oberpfalz

Why I became a dog trainer for Franconia and the Oberpfalz:

I have been in contact with dogs all my life. I started training dogs myself through my father, who was a police dog handler. I had a lot of success with this as a youngster.

But after times changed, dogs were just a part of my private life. Today, almost 30 years later, I have decided to take the step and dedicate myself to the subject that is really close to my heart. Dog training.

Residence: Lehrberg
Area of application: Mittel-, Ober-, Unterfranken, Oberpfalz

What I love about this job:

As a dog trainer, I am usually out in nature and come into contact with new people and their dogs. And of course, most importantly, I help them to deal with their problems, overcome them and solve them in the long term.

A bizarre experience in dog training:

At my first seminar with Florian, I was asked to introduce myself and my dog. I explained to him that it was my wife’s dog and that I was only there as a companion. After a while, I realized that the methods seemed familiar to me and I started to listen. I practically soaked up the knowledge and for the first time toyed with the idea of becoming a dog trainer myself in the Hundeflo team. Now I look back on this situation with a smile on my face and am glad that I accompanied my wife to this seminar.

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