Individual dog training

with Hundeflo

Our services at
a glance

Before our personalised dog training begins, all Hundeflo dog trainers offer you a non-binding initial consultation.
Your needs and objectives are analysed and a concept is developed as to how the trainers can work with you to achieve this goal as quickly and sustainably as possible. This initial consultation costs € 60 and lasts around 30-45 minutes.

The experience of many years has shown,
that individual lessons have a better
effect than group lessons.

That is why we are increasingly training in lessons that are individually tailored to the customer (and dog). Of course, you can also opt for group lessons and book individual dog training if required.
Our dog trainers are represented throughout Austria, parts of Germany, South Tyrol and Luxembourg. They are flexible in terms of time and come directly to the place where the problem lies in order to get to the root of the matter. This means you receive the best possible support with everyday issues.

After this initial consultation, we offer you individual training sessions, one-to-one lessons and – for those who are particularly committed and want to set themselves goals – three modules in the form of a dog certificate. From “Basic Obedience” to “Master of Dog”, you can clearly define and consolidate the bond and hierarchy between you and your dog. The age of the dog is not decisive, but it is advisable to start as early as possible to prevent problems.

The optimum training duration

A training session usually lasts one hour, but is individually tailored to the dog. If the dog needs a break because the training is particularly intensive, we plan this individually. This is the advantage of a one-to-one session: the trainers cater to the dog and owner and can adapt to their needs.

Further services


Consultancy and
selection of a
suitable puppy

Advice for family

Acute cases with
stay of several days

Second dog

Group training

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How does the first meeting work?

A personal dog analysis is arranged by telephone so that a personal meeting can take place later on.

What does a dog analysis cost?

The dog analysis takes about 30 minutes and costs 60.- EUR.

How can I find a trainer near me?

Under Locations you can search for “Trainers near me” and contact the right trainer.

Where does the Hundeflo training take place?

We train in everyday life – in public and, of course, at home.

How long does a training session last?

+/- 60 min

Do I need to prepare or bring anything for the training?


How long should dog training last?

+/- 60 min

How small or large should the training groups be as a minimum/maximum?

Group training is offered for existing customers and consists of three to six dogs.

What are the waiting times for the hourly agreement?

One to three weeks.

Are there surcharges for acute cases?