If you are in the Hundeflo training program, there is no need for a module examination. However, many dog owners like to complete these in order to document or check the current level of training.

The modules build on each other and range from basic obedience to advanced dog handler to “Master of Dog.” The respective trainers prepare the human-dog team perfectly for these module examinations, as the training always takes place in individual lessons and in real life. This allows the teams to adapt to the conditions and the test does not hold any unpleasant surprises. If you are also interested in a module test, then please contact us!


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    • Dog walks on a loose leash
    • Sitting (with max. 2 commands)
    • Place (with max. 2 commands)
    • Getting in and out of the car correctly (on command)
    • Leash control under various distractions (dog,
      human, etc.)
    • Walking on a leash
    • Recall without leash, without distraction (with max. 2 commands)
    • Greeting with a stranger (dog on a lead, he must not bother you)
    • Dog walks off leash (only 1 command)
    • Sitting without leash (only 1 command)
    • Place without leash (only 1 command)
    • Drop off at the restaurant/café (problem-free eating possible)
    • Drop off without visual contact to the owner (5 min.)
    • Off-leash obedience with distractions (dog, human, animal, etc.)
    • Off-leash recall under distraction (e.g. dogs playing)
    • Greeting with a stranger (dog free in sit or down)
    • Dog walks on a loose leash
    • Dog walks without collar under massive distraction
    • Sit and down without collar
    • Place at a distance (approx. 15-25 m, with max. 2 commands)
    • Filing under massive distraction
    • “Refuse food”
    • Recall without collar under massive distraction (at least 3
      playing dogs)
    • Dog walks off leash in a group with at least one other dog. 4 dogs
      through the city, shopping center, etc.
    • Greeting a stranger under massive distraction (dog free at heel)