Stephanie Saboy

Site management Hundeflo-dog training in Wien and Umgebung

Why I became a dog trainer for Vienna and the surrounding area:

Because Hundeflo was the only dog school that could help me with my dog, and quickly and effectively. I was able to go for a relaxed walk again, which was no longer possible before because I always had to watch out if and where another dog was coming around the corner. I really enjoyed the dog training in Vienna and I was always looking forward to the next lesson, it was simply fun to spend time with my dog again.

Residence: Neulengbach
Area of application: Wien

What I love about this job:

Being able to help people and bring back the joy of walking their four-legged friends. There’s nothing better than receiving a WhatsApp message from a customer who is finally having fun again and can go for a relaxed walk. I love giving people hope, as I can empathize with them very well, because I didn’t feel any differently myself in the past.

A bizarre experience in dog training:

I once secured a dog with the drag line on my belt, it wrapped around my leg and when my client called her dog to her, the line wrapped around my leg and it pulled my legs off the ground like in the movies and I landed on my butt! My client and I were laughing tears!

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