The list dog

A topic that causes excitement and division: the so-called fighting dogs or list dogs, as they are also called.

A listed dog belongs to a breed that is thought to pose a particular threat to our fellow human beings or the environment. This includes many breeds – from pit bulls to ridgebacks. But what is behind this assumption? Are these animals really so dangerous that they are even banned in some countries? Or are they the big fight cuddlers who can’t hurt a fly? As is so often the case, the truth lies in the middle.

I myself have trained a lot of dogs of these breeds and have come to realize that you can’t lump them all together. From the cuddly dog who was so sensitive that his own shadow was a problem, to the dog who has bitten people and killed dogs, everything was there. The fact is, certain breeds were simply bred for fighting, that can’t be argued away. They were selected for this task and the resulting characteristics cannot be cuddled away.

On the other hand, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, for example, is one of the most popular family dogs in England. They are considered to be child-friendly and also insensitive due to the aforementioned selection. The fact is: I know many of these dogs that are more harmless than some supposed family dogs.

However, once things really get going, grass no longer grows there. It is not uncommon for customers with such dogs to be looked at a little askance. Some people just need to be a bit careful. I myself have seen a dog of this type really looking forward to seeing another dog. Not to play with, however, but to fight with. The problem is, these dogs have real power, which can be dangerous in the wrong hands. However, this also applies to other breeds, such as a border collie.

Which brings me to the next, very worrying point. Such dogs are often acquired to boost one’s own underdeveloped ego. People who are so fascinated by the power, the appearance, even the myth of a fighting dog that they acquire such a “protector”, but know nothing more about it than that this dog eats in front and does behind.

This inevitably leads to problems, and it is not uncommon for the dog to end up in an animal shelter at some point, where it is considered unplaceable. Although it is true that humans can influence an animal to a certain extent through upbringing, genetics also play a major role.

The enemy of such breeds is therefore usually the wrong owner. Common sense should tell you that such a dog is not a beginner’s dog. Well trained, however, they are usually active and affectionate companions.

It is important to know that in earlier times, when dogs were fighting and the owners had to separate them, this was possible without any problems. If one of these dogs bit its own owner, the four-legged friend was immediately “disposed of”.

However, if you are looking for a dog that is eager to learn, active, but also a challenge, then you certainly have a choice here. However, you also have to reckon with the reactions of those around you, from critical looks to changing sides of the road.

In principle, I am not in favor of a list, as I am of the opinion that nothing more or less happens because of it, except that an enemy image is created.