Amelie Höfer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Bayern

Why I became a dog trainer for Bayern:

I trained my first dog through recommendations from Hundeflo. Little by little, the first training successes came and my luck was perfect. Training was so much fun that the lunch break became the highlight of my working day. I decided to ask my trainer Julian about training as a dog trainer. That’s how I ended up at Hundeflo.

Residence: Bad Reichenhall
Area of application: Berchtesgadener Land, Rosenheim, Traunstein

What I love about this job:

What I love about my job is that I spend a lot of time out in nature. I know how stressful problems with dogs can be in everyday life. It makes me happy to help my customers to understand their dogs better and to solve the problems of human-dog teams.

My most bizarre experience:

I had a training session with a puppy who was supposed to learn to stay home alone in his crate. The puppy was sent into his crate by the owner and the crate was closed. We went outside the door so the puppy would think we had left. After about twenty minutes, the puppy started crying in the house. We wanted to give him five minutes to calm himself down. All of a sudden it became very quiet in the house. We continued to talk outside the door and listened from time to time to see if we could hear anything. Everything was quiet. We decided to let the puppy out of the box again, opened the front door and were greeted by a wagging and overjoyed puppy.
He had freed himself from his box and was sitting behind the door the whole time, listening to us talking and waiting for us! We couldn’t even get mad at him for laughing so much and postponed the training to the next lesson, this time in a different box.