Birgit Neubauer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Niederösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Niederösterreich:

After having the odd issue with my first dog, when our dog Izzy moved in, I wanted to do everything “right” from the start this time. As a Hundeflo customer, I then joined the Train & Fun trip in Caorle. It opened up completely new perspectives for me and I was fascinated by how easy dog training can be. Our everyday life was so much easier and more relaxed afterwards. This is exactly why I wanted to become a dog trainer and pass on this successful training concept.

Residence: Himberg
Area of application: Industrieviertel Niederösterreich

What I love about this job:

What I enjoy most about the Hundeflo concept, from the first progress to the big successes, is the relaxed everyday life. The wide variety of challenges, individual needs and the different human-dog teams mean that no two days are the same. I also think it’s great that my dog Izzy is always with me.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”