Carolina Martin

Hundeflo-dog trainer Niederösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Niederösterreich:

Since my first dog, which I got as a child, my enthusiasm for dogs has grown steadily.

I came to Hundeflo through a dear friend. After just a few training sessions, the first successes were already visible. The continued consistent training has meant that Emma can now accompany me through everyday life in a relaxed manner and I take her everywhere with me. These experiences led to me deciding to train as a dog trainer. I have thus fulfilled my lifelong dream.

Residence: Stockerau
Area of application: Weinviertel

What I love about this job:

Seeing clients make progress in training and enjoy a relaxed life with their dog as a result.

Showing the most diverse human-dog teams how easy dog training can be and supporting them on their journey simply makes me happy.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”