Christina Häfner

Hundeflo-dog trainer for Schwäbisch Hall and Ostalbkreis

Why I became a dog trainer for Schwäbisch Hall and Ostalbkreis:

Before training with Hundeflo, it was impossible to take my own two dogs for a relaxed walk. Leash walking and recall didn’t work and every dog encounter was a disaster. It was only thanks to the structure and consistent training at Hundeflo that my two dogs are now able to accompany me everywhere.

Thanks to this training, my two dogs have become a real enrichment for the whole family and it was precisely this that inspired me so much that I became a trainer myself.

Residence: Bühlertann
Area of application: Ostalbkreis, Schwäbisch Hall

What I love about this job:

I want to help people understand their dogs better so that they have the companion they have always wanted by their side.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”

For me, working with animals, people and nature is simply enriching.