Claudia Lindner

Hundeflo-dog trainer Baden-Württemberg

Why I became a dog trainer for Baden-Württemberg:

I grew up with dogs and was finally able to fulfill my wish of owning my first dog. I imagined that I would take my dog everywhere with me. But then problems arose.

That’s why I sought support from Hundeflo and got the help I needed. With structure and the right training, my dog’s behavior improved incredibly quickly and I really enjoyed working with him. And now I have the dog by my side that I always wanted.

Residence: Bühlertann
Area of application: Ostalbkreis, Schwäbisch Hall

What I love about this profession:

The concept completely convinced me and I am so enthusiastic about the philosophy of “going through life relaxed with a dog” that today I want to enable other people to do exactly the same with their dogs.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”