Dagmar Lienbacher

Hundeflo-dog trainer Salzburg City, Flachgau and Tennengau

Why I became a dog trainer for Salzburg City and the surrounding area:

Years ago, I ended up at Hundeflo as a customer with my “second-hand problem dog” and after a short time, not only did my first training successes appear, no, my little “riot noodle” soon became a real show dog.

From then on, it was clear that I was completely addicted to the world of dogs and my whole life, apart from my family and job, revolved around dogs and dog training. Dog sports also became a beloved hobby and so the desire to become a dog trainer soon arose. The training at the Hundeflo Academy is unique with its successful training concept and intensive practical training and convinced me to learn the “craft” from scratch here. The ongoing further training and the network of competent trainer colleagues is another important quality feature for me and also for our customers that is second to none.

Residence: Oberalm
Area of application: Flachgau, Salzburg-Stadt, Tennengau

What I love about this profession:

Dog training is a craft/profession that combines everything I love about life. Every day is exciting, different and it is always exciting to get to know new people and their dogs. I am always fascinated to see how they develop through structured training and how their relationship with each other intensifies. Together with my clients, I am happy about every little training progress/success and support them in the best possible way so that people and dogs can go through life harmoniously, stress-free and with lots of fun.

A bizarre experience in dog training:

Not directly from dog training, but nevertheless bizarre and unforgettable, I observed a lady on a dog meadow who was unsuccessfully trying to catch her dog. When asked, she explained that she had been trying to lure him in for two hours so that she could finally go home, but her dog clearly had other plans. Knowing how, I was able to help her quickly and successfully put the dog on a lead. Grateful and smiling, she then said goodbye to me.