Daniela Nussbaumer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Vöcklabruck, Grieskirchen and Traunviertel

Why I became a dog trainer for Vöcklabruck, Grieskirchen and Traunviertel:

After moving in with my dog Nero, I soon realized that we were not achieving the desired results with training at the dog park and that everyday life was anything but relaxed. The search for a training concept according to my ideas led me as a customer to Hundeflo. The visible successes and the simple implementation in everyday life fascinated me right from the start.

This enthusiasm led to the desire to become a trainer so that I could pass on the successful Hundeflo concept to other dog owners.

Residence: Ohlsdorf
Area of application: Bezirk Vöcklabruck & Grieskirchen, Traunviertel

What I love about this job:

I want to be able to pass on the successes I’ve had with my dog and that’s exactly what this training concept allows me to do.

For me, an obedient dog is important in everyday life, whether in the shopping center, in the city or when hiking.
A dog should be an enrichment for the family and a loyal companion.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”