Dominic Klimek

Hundeflo-dog trainer in Vöcklabruck, Grieskirchen and Traunviertel

Why I became a dog trainer for Vöcklabruck, Grieskirchen and Traunviertel:

When I got my first dog, I knew from the start that training a dog would not be an easy task. So I finally came to Hundeflo. The first few hours flew by and I realized that training a dog was a lot more fun for me. So I had found a new task in my life and when I heard about the academy, I immediately realized that I wanted to go down this path.

The many practical lessons make the training as a dog trainer even more interesting, whether with your own dog or the many different dogs of the customers.

Residence: Seewalchen
Area of application: Bezirk Vöcklabruck & Grieskirchen, Traunviertel

What I love about this job:

Since every human-dog team is slightly different, you never know what to expect the next day and that’s what makes the job so exciting. The clean, cohesive concept, with the professional appearance of the trainers in uniform, completes the picture.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”