Dr. Falko Lainer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Lungau and oberstes Murtal

Why I became a dog trainer for Lungau and oberstes Murtal:

I came to Hundeflo by chance and recommendation. After several frustrating visits to dog schools, I and my hunting dog were excited about the Hundeflo Intensive Workshop. Everything I had tried in 5 years suddenly worked better. I would have lost any bet that my dog would enrich my life again. Suddenly things like going on vacation or just going to the coffee house were possible. I realized that a lot is possible with the right training and consistency. That’s why I decided to deepen my knowledge and pass it on to anyone interested.

Residence: Ramingstein
Area of application: Lungau, oberstes Murtal

What I love about this job:

It’s a great balance to my job and it’s always nice to see how you can help people to see their dog as an asset and not a burden.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”