Julia Gappmaier

Hundeflo-dog trainer Salzburg City, Flachgau and Tennengau

Why I became a dog trainer for Salzburg City and the surrounding area:

When I ended up at Hundeflo with our first family dog as a client, I was immediately convinced by the clear training concept. I could already see results after the first lesson and my ambition was awakened. How enriching life with a dog can be when everything works!

When I first heard about training at the Hundeflo Academy, I knew: this is it! For me, training people and their dogs is my passion and I can’t imagine a better job. I can now pass on the successful training concept to other dog owners.

Residence: Palting
Area of application: Flachgau, Salzburg-Stadt, Tennengau

What I love about this job:

When I see how people and dogs build up a better and better bond through training, that is particularly valuable to me. Dogs are extremely important to all of us. So how much nicer it is when you can give your four-legged friend so much more freedom with consistent training. Accompanying my clients on this journey makes me start every day with a smile.

Best experience in dog training:

One day, a desperate dog owner came to training with his protégé. He hadn’t been able to let his dog off the lead for two years because it regularly ran away from him. After a short time, we were able to let the dog run free again. Seeing man and dog so happy was an indescribable feeling.