Julia Reiter

Hundeflo-dog trainer Oberösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Vöcklabruck & Grieskirchen:

I had to learn from my own experience how stressful a dog can be. My own dog was constantly pulling on the lead and our biggest problem was, as is so often the case, dog encounters.
After just a few training sessions with Hundeflo, I was able to achieve success with my dog. I was amazed at how effectively you can achieve the desired result with simple steps. And what used to be unimaginable is now a matter of course and I am incredibly grateful for how far the training has taken me.

Residence: Thalgau
Area of application: Bezirk Vöcklabruck & Grieskirchen

What I love about this profession:

The profession of dog trainer has therefore become a matter close to my heart. It fills me with great joy to see how dog and owner continue to develop, shed old patterns and grow together as a team through success. An obedient dog that can accompany you everywhere is always welcome in society.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”