Julian Winkler

Hundeflo-dog trainer Oberösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Eferding, Linz, Wels and Steyr:

I came to Hundeflo as a client myself and started training together with my dog. We were quickly able to achieve success and eliminate problems. As a result, I decided to become a dog trainer myself and started training at Hundeflo. It was always important to me to learn how to get the best out of different dogs. Ultimately, the aim of the training should be that you can have your four-legged friend by your side in all situations and circumstances. Life with a dog should be an enrichment and not a burden.

Residence: Grieskirchen
Area of application: Eferding, Linz, Steyr, Wels

What I love about this job:

It’s always great to see when clients literally “get the hang of it” during training and progress becomes apparent. It doesn’t feel like work at all, because you’re doing something that you simply enjoy and have fun with. I can say that with every human-dog team you gain more knowledge and grow from the challenge – you never stop learning!

A bizarre experience in dog training:

During my trainer training, a training session took us to a restaurant garden. The aim of the lesson was to go to a restaurant for the first time with the customer for a coffee, and the dog was to stay in place at the table. After a brief preliminary discussion, we entered the restaurant garden, sat down at our table and the customer put the dog down. So far, everything had gone according to plan, the drinks had been ordered and the dachshund had come to terms with the situation. When the waitress was serving the drinks, she lost her balance on the tray and the hot coffee tipped directly onto the dog’s back. The trainer and I reacted quickly and immediately cooled the dachshund with water and washed its coat. The waitress apologized several times and was devastated. Fortunately, the dog suffered no injuries and was only a little frightened. To make up for it, the waitress gave him an extra large treat.