Katharina Martin

Hundeflo-dog tainer in Vienna

Why I became a dog trainer for Vienna:

Even at a young age, I was allowed to look after a friend’s dogs. This is when I discovered my passion for training dogs. The dream of having my own dog never left me alone.

I was overjoyed when the time came and it was possible for me to fulfill this wish. Hundeflo helped me train my dog to achieve what other dog schools had failed to do: “To go through life together with my dog, stress-free.” I always wanted to combine my profession with dogs and that’s how the idea of becoming a dog trainer came about.

Residence: Vienna
Area of application: Wien

What I love about this job:

Simply everything! The contact with dogs and humans, the variety in every training session, the news of happy customers, the training in nature, the rapid development of the human-dog team, the cohesion in the Hundeflo team, and much more!

A bizarre experience in dog training:

Towards the end of a training session, my trainer at the time realized that her car key was missing. It was already dusk and we searched for the key in the tall grass for over an hour. I joked that my dog Jolly could find the key, but she was locked in the car. Luckily, the trunk was slightly open thanks to a spacer, so we managed to get Jolly out of the locked car. I ordered her to look for the key without seriously believing that we would succeed, as we had already destroyed the tracks with our search. When I was about to give up, she came to me with the key in her mouth. She earned a really big doggie ice cream for that. That was my longest and funniest day of practice.