Laura Harrison

Hundeflo-dog trainer Tirol

Why I became a dog trainer for Tyrol:

What could be better than turning your passion into a profession? I love working with animals and I love nature. I also get to accompany wonderful people on their way to becoming a well-coordinated team with their four-legged friend.
Training according to the Hundeflo concept shows how easy dog training can be and how you can get problems under control step by step with structure, consistency, patience and, of course, joy.

Residence: Westendorf
Area of application: Tirol

What I love about this job:

By overcoming everyday problems, you can always celebrate a sense of achievement that motivates you to keep going. Becoming a dog trainer was the best decision I ever made! I want to share this joy of working with dogs and pass on my experience.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”