Leonie Widmann

Hundeflo-dog training Vienna

Why I became a dog trainer for Vienna:

I already had a love of dogs as a child. When I was 16, my parents made my wish for my own four-legged friend come true. However, I didn’t find the right dog training for me back then. Many different approaches and strategies did not satisfy me, despite four different trainers – I had high expectations of my dog.

Unfortunately, my dog died young and so I had the opportunity to try the “Hundeflo” concept with my new dog. I achieved my goal: Finja is a balanced dog who reliably listens to her commands.
Based on this positive experience, I would now like to offer dog owners in Vienna the opportunity to see the success of the “Hundeflo” concept for themselves.

Residence: Mödling
Area of application: Wien

What I love about this job:

Sustainable dog training is based on mutual understanding between humans and dogs.
I’m particularly fascinated by the fact that it’s not really about “training” the dog, but about building a relationship between humans and dogs. I find it exciting to get to know different dogs and their owners every day. Each one comes with their own individual problems, which we find solutions to together in training.
In most cases, input, precise tips and advice are enough to achieve a happy, conflict-free coexistence between humans and dogs.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”