Lisa Loretz

Hundeflo-dog trainer Oberösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Innviertel:

Although Milo wasn’t my first dog, I was simply completely overwhelmed with an almost fully grown dog from an animal shelter. He didn’t know any walks, regularly freaked out and bumped into everything and everyone. Even furniture, fences and house walls were not spared. He was also a people and dog junkie.
The first few years were very chaotic and exhausting until we started training with Hundeflo. Life got easier with every training session.
It fascinated me so much that I decided to train as a dog trainer myself.

Residence: Schalchen
Area of application: Innviertel

What I love about this job:

Being able to show people how relaxed and incredibly beautiful life with a dog can be.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”

I am simply fascinated by how effective training according to a proven system is and how positively it affects the bond between humans and dogs.