Lucas Fila

Hundeflo-dog trainer Niederösterreich

Why I became a dog trainer for Krems, St. Pölten and Tulln:

After the first training session with my own dog, I was immediately convinced by the Hundeflo concept. I quickly noticed progress and realized how stress-free and pleasant everyday life can be with an obedient dog.

Today, I can easily take my dog Emma with me everywhere, whether I’m hiking, shopping, traveling or going to a restaurant.

Residence: Rohrendorf
Area of application: Krems

What I love about this job:

Showing others how simple dog training can be and how relaxed you can go through life with your dog as a team.

Working with dogs has become an ever-increasing passion for me. So I made the decision to turn my hobby into my profession.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”