Sammy Weber

Hundeflo-dog trainer in Luxemburg

Why I became a dog trainer for Luxemburg:

From an early age, I was very attracted to animals. As a child, I often went for walks with the dogs from the neighborhood.
In 2019, my first dog moved in with me and a year later another one.
I attended several dog schools and none of them could help me with my problems.
Until Hundeflo came to Luxemburg for the first time and showed me what was possible with my dogs.

My interest in becoming a dog trainer grew with every seminar until I decided to attend the academy.

Residence: Waldbillig
Area of application: Luxemburg

What I love about this job:

When I see that training helps people and dogs to go about their everyday lives in a more relaxed way.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”