Silvio Kindl

Site management Hundeflo-dog trainer Tirol

Why I became a dog trainer for Tyrol:

I became a dog trainer because I was looking for a job that I enjoy and that fulfills me. I wanted a job where I could live out my strengths, and I have definitely found that.

I really enjoy working with people and dogs. Every day is different and you’re always faced with new challenges, because every person and every dog is different. I have a job that I enjoy and that is very important to me.

Residence: Neustift im Stubaital
Area of application: Tirol

What I love about this job:

What I love about being a dog trainer is that every day is different. I have a lot of variety and I really appreciate that about my job. You don’t spend your day in the office or in a hall, but you can enjoy nature all day long. I also think it’s great how quickly you can make people and dogs happy with the Hundeflo concept, even after the first training session. I am glad that I took the step and became a Hundeflo dog trainer in Tyrol.

Skurriles Erlebnis im Hundetraining:

One of my most bizarre dog training experiences in Tyrol was training with a pack of six Australian Shepherds. You have to respond to each individual dog accordingly because each one has its own character. It was a very good experience that you should have had as a dog trainer. The dogs were very different individually than in a pack. There was a very special atmosphere in this pack when you observed the dogs.

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