Stefanie Andraschitz

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Why I became a dog trainer for Niederösterreich:

I have had animal companions all my life and they have always been an enrichment. So it was clear to me early on that I also wanted to work with animals professionally.

However, this childhood dream had to give way to studying, which ultimately did not fill me with passion. But through a dear friend who was already enthusiastically training at Hundeflo, I found out about the opportunity to become a Hundeflo trainer and decided to take it without further ado. I have finally turned my hobby into a profession and am delighted to be able to help people and animals to have a relaxed and stress-free everyday life.

Residence: Wien
Area of application: Industrieviertel Niederösterreich

What I love about this job:

Working as a dog trainer with people and dogs is very varied and you never know what to expect. It’s great fun to see how all the individual human-dog teams make progress and go through life in a relaxed manner. I also have the opportunity to always have my own dog with me and to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature.

Skurriles Erlebnis im Hundetraining:

I had a very funny experience when I was looking for a new round for a Hundeflo walk with some of the Viennese Hundeflo trainers. The planned 1-2 hours ended up being a four-hour walk through the undergrowth of the Vienna Woods. However, the mood remained cheerful until the end and we also found a suitable round.

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