Tina Neumann

Hundeflo-dog trainer in Salzburg Stadt, Flachgau and Tennengau

Why I became a dog trainer for Salzburg City & Surroundings:

I have lived with dogs since I was a child and have worked with them in dog sports. But everyday life with them was not so easy. They pulled on the lead, chased and there were always problems with dog encounters. So I came to the decision: “I need a dog trainer”. That’s how I came to Hundeflo and was impressed by the whole training concept.

After a few training sessions and seminars, my dogs developed into great everyday companions. So the desire grew in me to help other people with my knowledge of dog training.

Residence: Scheffau
Area of application: Flachgau, Salzburg-Stadt, Tennengau

What I love about this job:

Helping people who are unhappy or even overwhelmed with their dog in certain situations. And seeing how easily people and dogs can cope with everyday life.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”