When a hobby becomes a profession

What could be better than passing on your knowledge and experience to others? In my case, this doesn’t just mean dog owners, but also dog trainers. Since 2019, I have been regularly training interested animal lovers to become experts in dog training at the Hundeflo Academy and offering them the opportunity to work as franchisees in my name.

I am aware that as a trainer I cannot be active in all federal states at the same time and take care of all “problem cases” on my own. This gave rise to the idea of expanding the team and offering our assistance throughout Austria – from Upper Austria to Carinthia, from Tyrol to Styria, and even beyond Austria’s borders. There are no geographical limits for Hundeflo franchisees, as there are dog owners everywhere in the city and countryside who are grateful for professional help with their four-legged friends.

However, it is important to me that all trainers who work under the name “Hundeflo” on an independent basis in Austria and Germany also have the necessary professional expertise. These are taught to the trainees in a three-month theoretical and practical training course. We also provide the new partners with a starter pack at the beginning of their activities and are on hand with help and advice. Even if everyone is independent and responsible for themselves, in the end we act as a large team with a common philosophy.

New partners – from Upper Austria to Bavaria

The first graduates of 2019 have just celebrated their successful completion of the
Hundeflo Academy
. We are pleased to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our new partners:

  • Christina Lichwa: Innviertel – Upper Austria
  • Melina Jirkal: Pinzgau district – Salzburg
  • Florian Lehner: District of Linz, Linz Land, Wels, Eferding – Upper Austria