Sylvia Della Pietra-Dorfer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Kärnten

Why I became a dog trainer for Kärnten:

The story to becoming a Hundeflo started with my own passion for my dog. I wanted to do “everything right” when it came to training. One important point was that my four-legged friend should accompany me to the office. Obedience in everyday life was therefore a priority for me.

After countless books and dog trainers, but unfortunately no success, it was already so far that every dog encounter became a torture.

I became aware of her through the Hundeflo car sticker.

From the very first training session, I knew I was in the right place! It’s been a long journey, but now I have the companion by my side that I’ve always wanted.

Residence: Lindl
Area of application: Kärnten

What I love about the job:

I see so many people with their four-legged friends and their challenges in my everyday life. It’s clear to me that I want to help human-dog teams work better together and show that dog training is much easier than you think.

What I have learned for myself through training and would like to pass on to my clients is: “The more regularly I work consistently with my dog, the faster I reach my goal.

“Rules bring more quality of life for two- and four-legged friends.”