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Your path to effective dog training

Our aim is to improve your quality of life with your dog, because everyone wants to be stress-free and confident with their dog in any situation. Whether it’s going for a walk, hiking in the mountains, shopping, swimming or driving.

Our dog trainers make sure of that. The Hundeflo concept is based on showing you how easily you can train your dog to achieve optimum results in a short space of time. Because dog training is not as difficult as it is always said to be, the problem lies in the fact that more and more people are being trained out of their ‘common sense’. Hundeflo shows you how it works!

Olivia Berger

Hundeflo-dog trainer Schwäbisch Hall and Baden-Württemberg

Sabine Hackl

Hundeflo-dog trainer for Ingolstadt

Christina Häfner

Hundeflo-dog trainer for Schwäbisch Hall and Ostalbkreis

Florian Schönberger

Hundeflo-dog trainer Bayern

Ronja Modi

Hundeflo-dog trainer Dortmund

René Bollinger

Hundeflo-dog trainer Bayern

Alisa Bertsch

Hundeflo-dog trainer München

Claudia Deubelli

Hundeflo-dog trainer Niederbayern

Nadine Königsreuther

Hundeflo-dog trainer Mittelfranken/Bayern

Claudia Lindner

Hundeflo-dog trainer Baden-Württemberg

Eike Berger

Site management Hundeflo-dog trainer Franken and Oberpfalz

Amelie Höfer

Hundeflo-dog trainer Bayern